Feeling Far From God

Far Away

It’s happened to pretty much all of us. We sin, lose our way, and stop wanting to love our God. We lose the passion that should be in our hearts, and start living less like we’re on fire for our Lord. Sometimes it’s almost never there. Sometimes it’s an everyday routine. Sometimes it’s in little sequences of our lives. It’s called feeling far from God, and it is one of the most important things to eliminate from your life.

We are sinners. It’s our human nature to sin. Everyone is, in a sense, running from God. God CAN turn our desires around and point us in the right direction, but we have to accept His free gift (along with God’s “readme,” the Bible) in order to receive it. When we do, we are saved, but what then? We must stay on that path God has put us on. We have to keep loving and adoring our Creator and Lord with all our hearts. But sometimes we get lost on this long and narrow path. We get distracted by lazy people sleeping alongside the path, or become discouraged when we encounter swamps that we must cross in order to get to the city of Zion (“Pilgrim’s Progress” references intended). We start to feel far from God.

Why Does it happen?

Sin, simply put. Being far from God usually starts with us sinning, and instead of coming to God and repenting, we sort of shrug it off and “go on living.” This is usually because we are not being on our guard for Satan’s tactics on deceiving us, which is something we must never do. We have to keep a sharp eye on our lives at all times, and hold fast to the truth of Christ. After all, the whole reason we are living is to bring glory to our Father in Heaven, right? In that case, our entire lives should be focused on serving Him!

How Do I Keep it From Happening?

Treat God the way He should be treated. Treat Him like your Savior from the eternal punishment that we deserve! Treat Him like He’s the only reason you’re living! Treat Him like He’s your Dad, and always wants the best for you! Make God the center of your life. Not just a nice little add-on for your life that makes you look good. Here are a few things that I believe every true believer should be doing to remain close to their Savior.

1. Read Your Bible and Pray
You’ve heard it a million times. Read your Bible. “But… my fantasy books are so much more interesting, and they even have Christian parallels! But… I have school, and my schedule is just SO busy!” There are loads of excuses you could make, but you will never be able to escape the truth. Reading God’s word and praying to Him is MUCH more important than reading fantasy or mystery books, and there is no excuse in not having time. Make time! If you have a busy schedule, you might have to cut out a few things you like to do in order to provide time to spend with God. Chances are, the things getting in the way are much less important than the Bible, and time with God MUST be in a Christian’s life. How will you get to know God if you never spend time talking with Him and learning about Him?

2. Let God Control Your Life
Let’s approach this with some logic. If you’re a Christian, then you have the truth. The truth is that God came to earth to die for our sins, and that if we repent and turn from our evil ways, we can live forever in Heaven with our God. So think about this… you have a Bible, the most important book of all time! You have a God that loves you enough to die for you on a cross! You were created for a purpose, and that purpose is to serve your Heavenly Father to the best of your ability! LIVE FOR HIM. Live out what you say you believe. When you sin, repent and fight the next time Satan tries to conquer you! Stand firm! Get rid of any habits that weigh you down. (Click “here” for my post on breaking habits) Act like a child of God, and serve your Father well.

Now What?

Don’t let Satan get a hold of your life and draw you away from Christ! Fight! Fight the good fight with all your heart! When you sin, repent and maybe read some encouraging or convicting passages in your Bible. Make a habit of coming to God and talking with Him every day, and make His life SHINE through you!

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