For The Girls

Girl walkingDISCLAIMER: The purpose of this post is to address all the ladies out there as a whole in order to discuss a very important issue I’ve been pondering. I understand that in many circumstances it would not be very appropriate to talk about these things with any single girl, so I have decided to open up my thoughts to you all. Please understand that I am a guy, and may very well misunderstand certain situations of yours, but try to have mercy on my lack of knowledge as far as your female minds go, and please think about what I have to say. Thanks so much.

Now as you read this post, please understand that I do not think guys are better than girls. I am focusing on a weakness many of you girls have, but I do not want to give the impression that you are the only ones with problems. Honestly, we guys don’t have much to say for ourselves. We have continually shown terrible examples of godly manhood, and have not protected or honored you as we should. Manhood seems to be more lost in this generation than ever before. I encourage every man reading to accept the true, Biblical definition of what a man should be, and to act on that in their everyday lives. Treat the ladies in your life like princesses of the Most High God, not like pieces of meat to chase down for selfish enjoyment! Don’t be a predator, be a protector! God tells us to honor our sisters and mothers in Christ, and that’s exactly what we should do.

What’s This All About?

With that being said, I think it’s time to talk about you girls. In case you’re wondering, this post will be focused on modesty. Don’t leave just yet! I know that word probably isn’t very attractive to most of you, but that’s why I’m bringing it up. As a Christian guy, I believe that modesty is very important, and I also believe that it’s being lost more in today’s culture then it has been in hundreds of years. Girls are forgetting how much of an influence their attire can make on everyone watching them, and many are ignoring the importance of a humble heart devoted to God. This post is meant to encourage every girl reading to live a life not focused on personal attractiveness, but on obedience and abandonment to Christ.

Shorty Shorts and Tight Jeans

First of all, what is up with the shorty shorts? It seems that about 87% of females during normal weather conditions will choose “shorts” barely long enough to be anything more than a new style of underwear. Seriously, it’s getting weird! I honestly don’t understand what attracts you girls to these tiny little things some might consider to be clothing. As a guy, I just don’t see how you would think it’s comfortable or even attractive. Yes, some guys might think, “She’s so hot! I can see her entire leg without having to go to the beach!” But do you want to attract these kinds of guys? All they care about is how much skin they can see, not you as a person. Yes, I understand that as believers in Christ, it is our responsibility as guys to avert our eyes from distracting clothing, but for you girls, it is your responsibility to not be wearing that distracting clothing. It goes both ways.

Even in cool weather, many girls nowadays wear very tight and revealing outfits. These include super tight jeans, some of which have pre-made holes in them. Again, I don’t understand these fashion statements. It must be driving you nuts to wear jean-material spandex constantly. And why the pre-made holes? You’ll pay more money to buy jeans in worse condition than normal ones? That just doesn’t make sense. Like I said before, the only possible reason I can see that you might choose to wear these strange clothes is to attract the guys who would think, “She’s sexy! I can see so much of her body!” But again, why would you want to do that? Those guys don’t care about you. It’s sad, but all they really care about is your body. They’ll only gravitate toward you while you’re wearing revealing clothing. Don’t let guys treat you like this! It’s disgusting, and as a human being made in God’s image, you deserve better.

Why So Immodest?

While I understand that many of you probably don’t realize that you dress immodestly, I’m fairly certain that some of you do. If that’s you, then please think about why you dress immodestly. Have you thought about your motives? For example, some girls feel like they need to show off their body to be appreciated. That’s not right, and it’s certainly not true either. I’ve been around girls who I can tell feel insecure with their appearance, and they try to cover up their true self with makeup, revealing clothes, and fake attitudes. I feel so sorry for these girls. If they would just be themselves, I think they would feel so much better. God doesn’t want us to hide or change ourselves; He just wants us to enjoy what He gave us. If you’re not the prettiest girl around, there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t need to change that. That’s not your responsibility; your responsibility is to use what God gave you for His glory. If you’re not a very attractive girl, God made you like that for a reason. I know that sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. I have Asthma, which means I can’t participate in a lot of sports that most guys can. God gave me that for a reason. Maybe sports would’ve distracted me from serving my Lord. Maybe I would’ve gotten caught up in pride. I don’t know what God’s reasons are, but I know that He has a plan for me that will come out for the best. That’s how He made everyone. Everyone has their purpose. Maybe God made you not as pretty so you wouldn’t become prideful in your looks. Maybe He made you like this so you can encourage other girls to accept their appearance. Whatever the reason, if God made you less pretty than most girls, you can use that to further His kingdom, and you don’t need to shamefully cover it up.

Maybe your motive for dressing immodestly is different. Some girls try to attract guys with their attire for selfish reasons. They enjoy the attention they get from guys who like their body, so they show themselves off all the more and manipulate the guys around them. If this sounds like you, then I have some bad news. Having that kind of attitude is mimicking the adulteress in Proverbs. She is described as the one “who forsakes the companion of her youth and forgets the covenant of her God.” In other words, she turns her back on her friends and forgets her commitment to God. This is what you do when you wear revealing clothes for seductive reasons.

“For the lips of a forbidden woman drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil, but in the end she is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.” – Proverbs 5:3-4

“Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman without discretion.” – Proverbs 11:22

Now, please don’t take offence to what I’ve said here. If you dress like this, I’m only trying to help you realize how you’re affecting those around you. I know some really nice girls who happen to wear shorty shorts or tight jeans at times. I also realize that some of you honestly don’t know what you’re doing, but I would like to help you in your walk with Christ by letting you know what kind of an impact this has on us guys. You have NO IDEA how much of a help it would be to some of us guys if you simply covered your body (both below and on top). I strive every day to see you girls as Jesus would see you, but I find that to be much harder when you wear revealing clothing. I dread having a conversation with an immodestly dressed girl, because I hate having to avert my eyes in my battle against temptation while answering a normal question or talking about what happened that day. I personally don’t struggle as much with the shorty shorts, but I do struggle with the low dresses and tight shirts. You may see yourself as just dressing in those styles to be pretty, and you may think there’s nothing wrong with that, but when you wear those outfits I see you as a stumbling block I must always watch out for. I hate having to say that, because I know that some of you don’t realize you’re doing it, but I can’t stand to see so many of you like this. I want you to know what will help your brothers in Christ, and it seems that the only way for me to do that is to tell you.

Modesty is Beautiful

If you’re thinking about changing your wardrobe for God’s glory, please don’t feel like you’re sacrificing beauty for modesty, because I don’t see it that way at all. This is coming from a normal Christian guy. I’m honestly much more attracted to girls who always wear dresses or modest pants than girls who dress in shorty shorts or revealing shirts. Give me a choice between one of those farm girls with unusually long hair and a supermodel, and I’d pick the farm girl in a heartbeat. I am a guy who is striving to follow the Lord, and I can tell you from personal experience that your modesty is attractive! Before God got a hold on my life, I would have said the opposite, but now I find myself more drawn to the girls in my life who are modest. Of course, as you probably know from my “Love Unawakened” series, I am not pursuing a romantic relationship until God’s specific timing is shown. I’m just saying that my personal taste for beauty has changed from how sexy a girl is to how modest, humble, and godly a girl is. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m still human; but I’ve been radically changed in the past year (as of this writing). I might have wrong feelings for a “hot” girl every once and a while, but most of the time I allow the Lord to take control of those attractions. It feels so good when God takes my sinful desires, destroys them, and gives me a love for His Spirit within others. It’s truly an incredible experience. Sometimes I can’t tell if a girl loves God or not, but I can almost always tell if they are humble by their attitude as well as how they dress, and those are the girls who attract me.

The Good Old Days

Just a few years ago, almost nobody wore shorty shorts or tight jeans, and guess what? Girls found breathable clothing for hot weather, didn’t they? (Please correct me if I’m wrong) They didn’t have problems getting heat strokes in the sun (in fact, some probably got less sunburn). They naturally picked longer shorts or looser pants, and guys weren’t inclined to look at their backsides as much. I miss those days. Now, those dreaded shorts and jeans are everywhere. Even at my homeschool co-op, there’s a good majority of girls who wear those styles. It’s like a huge wave of peer pressure for girls to be more “sexy,” and even young girls who have no clue are being affected by it. It’s sad! I’ve seen tiny little girls dressed in pairs of shorty shorts. That means that the parents buy their kids these clothes too, and the children can’t help it! They’re being taught through actions that more skin showing is better, and this is an outright lie! As older sisters, as influences in this world, and as ambassadors for Christ, please dress modestly! You can make a difference! If you dress modestly already, thank you so much! You are shining God’s light through that aspect of your lifestyle, and it’s such a help to the Christian guys around you! If you didn’t realize that you dress immodestly, it’s not too late to change what you wear. If you know you dress in order to look hot, it’s not too late for you either! God forgives and helps us through our sin, and that means you can make a difference as well! You can be the odd girl who never dresses in the latest styles like she used too, and through that, God will use you to change others. It’s incredible what God will do with an obedient servant. Believe me, it’s so worth it to just step out in faith and obey.

What Now?

You might be wondering, “How exactly DO I dress modestly? Everyone has different standards, right? How do I find a nice style that God approves of?” Well, it’s true that everyone has different standards, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s standards are good. Some Christian girls are fine with low dresses and shorty shorts, but that doesn’t mean those things are pleasing to God.

“Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.” – 1 Timothy 2:9-10

These verses clearly state that women should “adorn themselves in respectable apparel.” If you feel convicted that some of your clothes are not modest and respectable apparel, then I think it’d be a good idea to stop wearing them. The next part says that women should not wear braids, gold, or costly attire. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that jewelry is evil. All it means is that you shouldn’t be wearing anything expensive or artsy that makes you proud. If you choose big flashy earrings that make you self-conscious about how “hot” you look, then stop wearing them. They are clearly a stumbling block for you. If you wear earrings because they look nice, and if you aren’t drawn from God in any way because of them, then I think it’s fine to wear them. Anything that would spiritually hinder you or anyone around you is not acceptable, but an innocent little feature here and there in your style is not wrong. For example, with most girls, wearing shirts with flowers on them is not drawing too much attention to their body. It’s just a nice little picture of a flower, and it usually doesn’t do any harm (unless it makes you prideful). On the other hand, a pair of tight shorty shorts with bright laced patterns or messages on the back would not be a God-honoring thing to wear. It might make you to think of yourself more highly than you should, or it could cause the guys around you to sin. An article of clothing like that just isn’t a good thing to put on your body. Dress in what you know is acceptable to the Lord and won’t distract those around you.

Now let’s look at the last part of those verses. “…but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.” What does this mean? Well, it’s simply saying that your focus should not be on how much expensive clothing you can put on yourself; it should be on what you can be doing for your King. Don’t spend your time trying to find cute outfits, spend your time trying to find opportunities to be a light for God. If you need to do some adjusting to what you wear, then do it and move on. Work on your spiritual life first and foremost, and don’t get caught up in the vain pursuit of attractive apparel. Serving God is SO much more important than clothing.

How Far is Too Far?

And yet again, we come face to face with this question. How far is too far? Well, there’s a problem with that question. You see, it’s not the right one to be asking. We shouldn’t want to be as selfish as we can without breaking the sin barrier. That shows that we have the wrong motive. We should be headed in the other direction entirely. We ask God how far we can go toward the edge of the cliff without falling off, and He tells us to turn around. We’re so attracted to this pathetic cliff, while He’s trying to tell us how amazing the other way is! And believe me, it’s definitely amazing. When I decide to stop dwelling on how much I can get away with and start focusing on following God to the best of my ability, the temptation to run toward the edge of the cliff disappears.

How to Start

If you know what you need to change in your wardrobe, just do it! Start getting rid of the clothes you know are not modest and start wearing the clothes you know are ok. If you don’t know exactly what you need to change in your style, my advice to you would be to talk to other girls who you know are truly living for God in their daily lives. Get their advice about what types of clothing are appropriate, and start making some adjustments to your everyday appearance. Finally, check your personal motives and feelings for everything you wear. If something is modest, but still makes you feel prideful, then it’s not worth keeping around. It’ll only make things harder. It’s ok to wear nice-looking clothes, but choose the stuff that doesn’t spiritually damage your audience or yourself in any way. There’s a big difference between dressing attractively and dressing to attract.

I hope this post has brought to light just how important modesty is. It’s not just a nice little quality for goody-two-shoes girls, and it doesn’t just apply to certain people. It’s a very important thing for everyone to have (even guys, but girls seems to struggle with it a lot more). It’s not something extreme or optional; it’s necessary and mandatory for us as Christians. It’s what marks a humble spirit and a responsible attitude. And most importantly, it’s what pleases the Lord. Please do yourself and everyone else around you a favor, and dress modestly for the glory of Jesus Christ.

“Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.” – 1 Peter 3:3-4

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” – Proverbs 31:30


  1. I’m going to try to comment on every single paragraph you wrote. Hope you enjoy my comments and answers and criticisms and well…etc. LOLI like how you inform us that both males and females have a downfall. Not just us ladies :)Yay, modesty!! I’m very interested in what you have to say about this. I’ve read all your other posts about boyfriends/girlfriends and they’ve really helped me. Hahaha, trudat about those short shorts. I myself don’t understand why girls wear them when it’s not even hot outside! I mean, I can understand when it’s like 95+ degrees outside. But seriously, in the fall or spring? That’s weird cuz they put on those shorts, and then put a hoodie on …?…Okay, skinny jeans. Um, there’s skinny jeans, but there are also jeggings (which is what your talking about, with the spandex material). I admit, that I do wear skinny jeans sometimes. But not those kind that look like your wearing tights or something. Some “skinny jeans” are also called straight leg, which don’t completely hug your legs. Which I think is soooo much better than regular skinny jeans. They’re actually not uncomfortable, as you might think, but that doesn’t mean that we all should be wearing them. Like I said, why not just wear tights or leggings, then?! 😉 Omgsh, the holes are the worst part. And it is so true that you have to pay like idk how many dollars MORE just to get “pre-made” holes! That is one part that I don’t understand about this fashion. I mean back in the day it used to be you wear your jeans so much until they get a hole in them, and if you don’t patch it up or anything, we’d just throw ‘em out or use ‘em as rags! Okay, the motives are very interesting for some people. But here is something to think about. I’m not criticizing what you said about people trying to make them feel better, I tewtally agree with that, but this is just what my personal reason is for some things that I wear. Whenever I go to the store, all I see is immodest clothing. Period. There are no if ands or buts about it. It is so difficult to find modest bottoms to wear these days in stores. Including jeans, shorts, dresses, AND skirts. I personally think that short shorts are better than short Skirts, and even short Dresses. The reason behind that is because skirts and dresses are what ladies are supposed to wear, as modest clothing (like back the day). But now they turned those modest clothings into something even worse than shorts and jeans! But anyways, it is very difficult for me, personally to find bottoms that are my size, and that look good, that I like, and that are modest. So what is there to do? And I understand there are those “modest” bottoms that women wear. But as a teen, I wouldn’t want to wear something my mother or grandma is wearing….you know? I mean, I know it doesn’t matter what others think about you, but still I wouldn’t want myself looking like a grownup mother or something!! Some girls also just try to look better than other girls. Like show the others that they look more attractive, by wearing stuff immodest, and to show how many looks they can get from the guys.Omgsh. I understand that completely. Even though I am a girl. But my uncle and I have talked about how hard it is to keep your eyes pure. It is very distracting to talk to an immodestly dressed girl even for me! No joke! I know that might sound very strange to you, but it is true! I myself even tell my friends at school, if cleavage is showing, to cover it up, or pull up their shirt or something. It’s disgusting to see girls dressed like that. I think it’s even more sad that Christian girls nowadays dress like that. I mean, ok it’s bad that you dress like that out in public….but at church?! It’s horrible… Oops… *blush* you got me with the “tight-shirts”. Ehh….I don’t really have anything to say about that…. :-/


  2. Wow! I am so glad to hear that there are still guys out there like you! That is amazing how much God can help you through any situation. What I mean about “still guys out there like you” is that they don’t go for the “sexy hott” look. They care more about the true beauty of oneself, than the fake stuff. 🙂 It’s hard finding a guy like that in this world. Especially at school. You have no idea how much public school can affect someone! :(That is very true about how people dressed like a few years ago! But I was just wondering what are your thoughts about a girl wearing short shorts and like a t-shirt, or a tanktop/spaghetti strap during a hot summer day? (Like 95+ degrees?) What about swimming? Just wondering. :)Yeah, this one isn’t really a big problem for me. Just because how our family’s been raised up. No jewelry or makeup. And guess what? It helps a lot!! Because I believe if I would to wear jewelry or makeup, then it would get in the way of who I really am, and make myself self conscious about how I look like. (Like some friends I have who always ask how their hair looks like, or always says “I look so crappy today, but I don’t really care!”) Who would want to spend $100 on some jeans at like Buckle or something, when you can get good ones for like $15 at Khols?! I don’t understand that reasoning.I agree. And the big capital T-word sucks.Thank you so much for this post! It was very nice to hear what a guy had to think about how we girls dress these days. I think a little style is good, as long as, how you said, it doesn’t make you prideful, or it doesn’t make a guy look at you in the wrong way. 🙂 Very nice post, again! Keep posting 🙂 lol. Your posts always encourage me to look further into my spiritual walk with God. May God keep Blessing you, and may you be grateful to him that you’ve realized all of this at a young age like yours. Most people don’t understand these things until they’re in their mid-twenties or so.Thanks for reading my thoughts and comments :)-Lina


    • Thank so much for replying, Alina. All this feedback is really helpful. First, I do realize how hard it is nowadays to find modest clothing. Everything is pretty much aimed at the general public-which is usually very immodest. My advice would be to go to second-hand stores, or any place where they sell used items. I would imagine that you could find some pretty modest wear in a place like that; at least more so than at a retail store. Don’t give up and buy the immodest stuff just because it’s difficult to find anything modest. Try to locate some of the rare places where you CAN find decent clothing, and shop there. I know it’s not easy, but please keep at it. It’s worth it. You asked my opinion on short shorts and a t-shirt on a hot day. Well, I personally do not believe that short shorts are ever ok. Find something longer and less tight. Maybe ask your mom what she wore as a kid when it was hot. T-shirts are usually ok, but it depends on the type of t-shirt and the girl. Use good judgement. As far as swimming goes, I don’t think going to the beach is any reason to show cleavage or wear something form-fitting. We guys are still very much aware of your body, probably even more so than normal. 1-piece suits that don’t show cleavage and aren’t tight are usually fine. I don’t like the two-piece stuff, but it kinda depends on the suit and the girl. Good for you! Any girl who simply doesn’t wear jewelry at all is avoiding possible temptation. It’s not necessarily wrong to wear the stuff, but it certainly can be, and I think that’s a smart move to just not use it.Hmmm? What T-word? You’re very welcome. All this feedback really helps. I will definitely keep posting. Yes, I’ve often thought about how blessed God has allowed me and others to be as far as knowledge in such a terrible culture. It truly is only by God’s grace.Thank YOU, Alina. Your thoughts are very much appreciated. :)-Luke Mason


  3. Alina-I just moved to Texas and we regularly get temperatures 100+ (106 the other day), and I don’t own a single pair of short shorts or tank tops (except for under other clothes). To my astonishment, I’ve been fine wearing a loose shirt (from Meijer, if you’re wondering…a lot of shirts that are good for the weather there!) and pants that go several inches PAST my knee! I was worried that I’d have trouble with my standards of modesty here, but the heat hasn’t stopped me at all. Luke-I like your opinion on swim suits. I personally prefer two pieces because they actually are more modest (if you find the right ones) since the shorts or skirts actually show less skin than the one pieces (like I said, if you find the right suit). But I’m planning on buying surfer gear, which is much more modest and more durable, since I swim a lot.


  4. Luke, I tewtally agree with all of the clothing modesty stuff. My question I would like answered is, How do you girls feel comfortable revealing and exposing yourself like that to people?But, if you don’t mind me asking-what is wrong with a simple necklace or like one set of earrings? The most jewelry I usually wear is one pair of earrings anyway…but I like to wear a certain bracelet that i have sometimes, cuz reason one, it’s my deceased grandma’s, and reason two because it’s actually a Rosary. I don’t know if you even know what a Rosary is or anything, but you use it to pray to Mary and Jesus…so yeah…check into it and please tell me what you think?I don’t really know what I am trying to say, but if you don’t wear jewelry to try to stand out in a crowd, but you like to wear simplistic jewelry just cuz you like wearing something simple, or maybe it means something special to you-what harm is there in that? And the expense thing, i mean if you want a nice piece of jewelry that last a long time then you might as well get real gold or silver and keep it forever. I am not saying to spend a fortune on it and go against what it says in the Bible, but idk…it’s a lot of stuff that has a lot of uncertainty. I think it mainly boils down to beliefs. I believe if you are simplistic about your jewelry, i don’t think God is going to get mad at you or anything. But, that is just me.


    • Like I say in the post, I think jewelry is fine as long as it doesn’t make us prideful or vain. If you just wear some simple jewelry because it’s nice or it means something to you, then that’s fine. Just don’t get caught up in self-conscious feelings or peer pressure in your jewelry. God’s doesn’t mind if girls wear jewelry, but He does mind if they become prideful, and jewelry can do that to a girl. Just be careful. And thanks for commenting by the way.-Luke Mason


  5. @Luke: T-word is TEMPTATION.@Cayley: Yeah, I tewtally understand that! I don’t have much of a problem wearing modest clothing most of the time. My comments up above were just a general statement that I was making. :)I hope you understand.


  6. Dressing modestly is not an issue for every girl, though I will say it probably is for the majority. I am 21 years old, and enjoy pleasing my heavenly and earthly father’s through the way I dress (or the way I don’t) I don’t wear jeans or shorts (not saying you can’t just saying I don’t), or any skirts or dresses that go above more than 3 inches below the knee (if that makes since :P) I don’t wear t-shirts either. In this day and age people think that dressing is all about comfort (boys/young men included) But it is not… If you want to complain about being hot, look at what men and women wore IN THE SUMMER in the late 1700’s… Don’t tell me “it’s too hot”. 🙂 Also, do not add too or take away from God’s word. Peer pressure is a huge thing among young people of either gender in how they want to dress. Get away from those bad influences. Only choose godly, Christ-centered friends to be around.(Proverbs 9:6; Proverbs 1:15) Don’t try to be like the lowest common denominator, but strive for the highest example and goal. You don’t have to look like you just walked out of the 1800’s either to be modest. You CAN find modern looking modest clothing. I do not shop at 2nd hand stores (around where I live all you can find is sweats :P) Yes, you have to do a lot of digging and searching, but it CAN be found. I absolutely hate shopping, but will not compromise God’s standard just because it is difficult and involves something I dislike so much.As to swimming suits, you do not have to wear something designated as a “swimming suit” to swim. people used to swim IN THEIR CLOTHING 😛 I personally think that young men (and women too, for that matter) are foolish for going to the beach in the first place. Who cares if the Christian girls decide to dress modestly? You are setting yourself up for stumbling, young man, for “going by the whores house at night”.(Proverbs 7) The world’s women are there… why go? Flee,as Joseph did from Potiphar’s wife! And there is nothing that says you “have” to swim either :PA note to young men: Do not settle for marrying a girl who compromises in modesty. You are discouraging the girls who do dress modestly and causing them to be tempted to forsake modesty. You are rewarding the immodest girls and saying “I see that there is a girl who chooses modesty and has good character… I say with my mouth I will choose for the Lord and for character… But my manhood now speaks, and I will choose this immodest girl anyway.” *Sigh* You have just told the modest girl that her standard is worthless and she may as well choose to be immodest. And to the immodest girl she is right in her ways. Just a thought 🙂 Sorry this comment is so long.Young men and women are so puffed up and think they know what the Bible says. Be oh so careful not to add to God’s Word in a pharisee fashion, or take away from it as a rebellious, arrant fool.A fellow pilgrim,Sojourning Here in Fear


  7. Ok, so I have a few things to say. First, I think one big point you are missing here is WHY women should dress modestly: because God says so! God demands us to dress in a way that honors HIM, and brings glory to his name only! This looks different for every girl, but I do know some forms of “clothing” are not God-honoring at all. For me, I take modesty more “extremely” than most at my public school, but I know a ton of girls that wear their shorts and skirts a little shorter than I do, or have a lower neckline than I would ever wear, but still honor God and are completely modest and not a stumbling block because they are not pushing the edge. Now onto stumbling blocks: Stumbling blocks can come in many forms, because honestly, there could be a guy out there that says girls wearing sweatpants are stumbling blocks for him, and I can’t take away every stumbling block away for every guy out there. Men need to do some prayer and manning-up too, and work out some stumbling blocks along with girls learning how to dress more modestly.Second thing that I think is important in modesty is the heart and attitude behind what one is wearing. A girl could be wearing a potato sack, but her attitude and the way she carries herself could be immodest. This goes for guys and girls: Heart attitude says more about you than your clothing! If you have a deep love for God, it will glow through you and be the best thing you could “wear”! I used to wear a sweatshirt, jeans and a t-shirt that was 2 sizes to big on me so that I could be “modest” by covering myself up and having no shape to my body. I realized that my heart behind my decision was of pride that I was more modest than every other girl at school, and that wearing those clothes did not honor God through my choice of clothing. God wants me to be a woman, not a tent! Leslie Ludy’s book “The Lost Art of True Beauty” goes into great depth on this topic, which helped me a lot! (side note: I like all your Ludy references, Luke! They are my favorite authors and speakers by far!)All this to say, check your motives and heart attitude, even in dressing modestly. Hopes this helps in someway for someone! In Christ Alone,Rachel


    • Hi, Rachel.Thanks for commenting. I appreciate the feedback and suggestions. I agree completely that modesty is in the heart, but the reason I didn’t go into that idea is because I was trying to just focus on the physical aspect of modesty in this post. It would have been way too long otherwise. I do agree with you, though. Ultimately, the important things are our motive and honoring God, and I believe I made this clear in the post. I just felt like the post needed to be focused mainly on encouraging the practical side of modesty. And yes, it’s so true that modesty does not mean a destruction of femininity, but should be a way to show others the kind of femininity that honors the King. Again, thanks for commenting and visiting!


  8. Fantastic article! I would tell you all my thoughts on this, and what I personally like… But, we just talked Friday kind of about all that! haha

    I agree with this article completely! 😀

    Your Sister In Christ,


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