Desire for God

Bible on shelfHow often do you think about… God? Sure, we think all the time about daily events, friends, what we need to get done, and other ordinary things. But how often do we set our minds on things above(Colossians 3:2)? How often can we catch ourselves daydreaming about the majesty of our Creator? What we think about matters so much more than we realize, and it can tell us a lot about what we truly desire.


What Do You Love?

The fact is we think about the things that we truly love, and if we really desire something, we’ll think about it. So, what do you love? What do you think about? If it’s whether your friends like you or not, then you probably desire to impress your friends. If it’s the latest gadget, then you probably desire to have it. If it’s a certain member of the opposite sex, then you probably desire to be in a relationship with them. Be honest with yourself. Where does your mind go when it wanders? What were you thinking of before you read this post?

Before I was saved, I spent all my time thinking about things other than God. It wasn’t healthy, to say the least. I honestly didn’t care about God then. He was for Sunday, and maybe family devotions. That was it. I didn’t say to myself, “I don’t care about God, so I’ll put Him out of my mind all week.” No, it wasn’t like that. I told myself I was ok. If someone asked me if I thought I was doing ok as a Christian, I probably would have said yes. Nobody else seemed to have God on their mind all the time, so I subconsciously decided it was fine, while I slowly died in my sins. Well, God’s done a lot of work on me since then, and now He’s the main thought on my mind during the day. I don’t think half as much about worldly, useless, anxious things anymore. I’m not perfect by any means, but the power of our gracious Lord is definitely working in me.

Desire for God

One of the surest ways to tell whether you desire God or not is by looking at how much you think about Him. If you wake up naturally wanting to serve Him and pursue His ways throughout the day, then you have a true longing to serve your God. His grace is evident in your desires. On the other hand, if you find yourself continually not caring about whether His agenda is met, and only focus on your plans, then you probably haven’t yet experienced the power of His entry into your life. What we think about defines what we desire, and if that’s not Christ, then He’s not the center of our lives. True, passionate love for Him will reap beautiful thoughts and actions. Love for anything that is not of Him will only reap death.

Impulsive Obedience

When things get difficult in life and I’m tempted to worry, I have found immense peace when I just let God handle it, make sure I get done what I need to get done, and set my mind on Him. I love to serve my Lord, so why wouldn’t I trust Him with my life? Sure, it’s not normal. But God’s true followers have never been normal. When Assyria threatened to take the cities of Judah, King Hezekiah didn’t worry, panic, or fight in his own strength. He encouraged the people to trust in the Lord their God! He took effective, practical actions, and then he prayed to God and asked for His deliverance. The Lord did indeed deliver them by sending an angel to save Judah. This is how God’s men operate. They go straight to Him in times of distress. They pray, while the enemy mocks the seemingly useless action. They go to the only one who has the power to satisfy and save. This is what we are to do in our thoughts. Not because we have to, during certain times of the day or week. Not because we should. Not because it’s considered the right thing to do. Because we love Him! Because we want to, with all our hearts! What’s that you say? You don’t want to? Don’t worry, I completely understand the feeling of not truly wanting to serve and love the Lord. I’ve felt many times that I want to feel the need for my God, but it’s just not there. In that case, I’d have to say that the most helpful thing to do for me has been to ask Him for the Holy Spirit in prayer. He will answer if you are committed to Him, and in time He will empower you to do that which He has for you. And believe me, if you really desire to follow Him, He’ll give you plenty of opportunities to serve Him. Whether it’s seemingly pathetic things like getting schoolwork done, or saving starving children in Africa, He’ll give you all you need to accomplish what He lays on your heart to do. But it all starts with thinking about His ways, dwelling on His commands, and yearning for more intimacy with the King of Kings.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

“For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the spirit is life and peace.” – Romans 8:6

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