Resting in God’s Sovereignty

FlowersLife is crazy. Many times, we get caught up in all of the things that are happening around us, and fail to see that God has it all handled. We lose sight of how powerful our Lord is, and attempt to solve our problems on our own. In times like these, we must bow before our King and acknowledge that He is sovereign over all. We must realize that everything He is doing is perfect, just, and righteous. If we learn to rest in the sovereignty of our God, we will experience His indescribable peace in our lives.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

Most of us have seen this verse before, and it may seem dull or repetitive to you at this point, but please take some time right now to really think hard about the potency of these words. First, notice the opening phrase, “For those who love God.” This is referring to Christians—those who cherish God and follow Him. Then comes the sweeping statement, “all things work together for good.” That’s a pretty important phrase if you ask me. An affirmation of the first phrase follows, “for those who are called according to his purpose.”

Let’s really think about this verse for a minute. This Scripture is telling us that everything—absolutely everything that has happened, is happening, and ever will happen—works together for the good of those who are His. That’s an incredible statement. In order for God to make such a promise to us, He must have control over everything. He must work all things together for our good. We know this is true from other places in Scripture.

“Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases.” – Psalm 115:3

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” – Proverbs 19:21

“The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.” – Proverbs 16:33

“The Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble.” – Proverbs 16:4

Our God is most certainly sovereign, as is clear from the Bible. Once we realize this, we start to see that in reality, we have absolutely nothing to worry about (see, “Do Not Be Anxious“). If God is in control, then it really doesn’t matter if we get that job we applied for, or if we do good on our piano solo, or if we look good in front of our friends. All that matters is that we trust Him with these things.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble at its swelling.” – Psalm 46:1-3

No matter what we may experience, God is our refuge. He will use whatever we’re going through for His glory and our good. We can trust God like no one else, because He is in control. We must remind ourselves of these incredibly comforting truths moment by moment, and pray “without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) that God would strengthen our souls to trust firmly in Him. There is no greater security than knowing that God will work all things together for your good. Don’t take this promise for granted. Take time regularly to truly rejoice in the assurance Christ gives us. Rest in your King’s sovereignty.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7


  1. Good stuff. Great reminder of the fact that God is both all-powerful and completely on our side. What do we have to fear?


  2. Thanks, Luke. This is a very relevant topic. And well worth revisiting. I think that a lot of any trouble that arises comes from our interpretations of “good” in “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28
    How many of us would include illness, death, loss, or even torture in the interpretation of that word? Yet I’ve come to see that often these are the things He uses to help us become more like Jesus. And we have to think….how important is this?
    I’ve also learned that if we think about these things ahead of time (ie: worry about the possibility of these (scary) things) we don’t have the grace to deal with it, and can become fearful and our faith suffers. But if and when these things arrive, the grace to deal with them arrives just as it is needed. (The grace to deal with what happens to someone else might not come….. so be careful about taking up an offense for someone else. Another topic?)
    I’ve not suffered terribly in this world as of yet, but I have experienced His grace, one time enabling me to accept (upon a rather serious concussion in my 20’s) the possibility that I might never think properly again…..and it was truly “alright” with me. That was only God’s grace and peace acting in my life.
    Reading “The Heavenly Man” was difficult, as it concerned man’s inhumanity to man (about a Christian in communist China) but it was so uplifting to see God’s grace and plan and love in the lives of so many living in such a fallen world.
    We all live in a fallen world, and the news tells us daily of troubles that befall people, whether Christians or not, and our view of God in it all is going to be challenged if we haven’t come to grips with this. We are truly loved.


  3. This topic immediately reminded me about Joseph in Egypt.
    “And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you. For two years now there has been famine in the land, and for the next five years there will not be plowing and reaping. But God sent me ahead of you to preserve for you a remnant on earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance. So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God. He made me father to Pharaoh, lord of his entire household and ruler of all Egypt.”
    Genesis 45:5-8 (NIV)
    I love this story because it helps me to remember that God is always in control even when things aren’t going the way I want. When Joseph was sold into Egypt, he must have been scared out of his mind (who wouldn’t be?). But because he was hard-working, honest, and obedient to God, he was trusted with many things. And he eventually became ruler of Egypt! God truly works in marvelous ways. I just had to add this because it works so well with this topic.

    Well said, Luke:)

    Grace Johnson


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