This Life is Not the End

This Short LifeAs humans, we tend to focus on the here and now. Even those of us who realize the future consequences of our actions are almost always focusing on our time here on earth. In reality, the only things that really matter are who we choose to serve in this life, and where we choose to spend eternity. Only the heavenly minded Christian knows true wisdom. Our life is a span of time unimaginably short in comparison to eternity. We must take hold of this vital information and let it purge our thoughts at every hour if we are to prevent our lives from being wasted.

Do you want to accomplish great things in your life? Do you want to be a part of what really matters? Do you want to live with purpose? Everyone wants these things. Deep down, we all want to live a life that matters. The problem is, we are horribly conceited and poisoned in our selfish desires. We find ourselves putting far too much time into mindless pleasure, and far too little time into what has real value. We pretend to be “good people” in public while our normal life remains stale and void of love on the inside of our mask. We need to wake up. We need to realize that nothing on this earth will satisfy us. The only thing that will give us true joy is utmost devotion to Christ. Unless He is what we live for, we will have lived in vain.

There’s life after death. You’ve probably heard this before, but have you ever really thought hard about what this means? After all your accomplishments, after all your failures, after all your experiences and relationships, you will find yourself on your deathbed breathing your last breath. After that, what will happen? Will it just go black forever? Will you cease to exist? Regardless of our worldview, a lot of us think about death this way. We imagine that it will be the last page in our story. But it is really only the beginning of our true destiny.

After that last breath, one of two things will happen to every single person in existence. Most will be cast into Hell to burn forever in the blazing, righteous wrath of the living God. It will be agony, and it will never end. Some will be taken away by their Lord, truly alive and well, to have the utmost privilege of praising Him for eternity. Every tear will be wiped from their eyes, and they will love and serve Christ forever. There is no place for “good people.” There is no place for “innocent citizens.” There is no blackness. Everyone will go to either Heaven or Hell. Death is not the end. After death, the real consequences of our actions will come to light. If we ignored the divine love of our God, we will be punished rightly for our sins. If we accepted the free gift Christ offered us on the cross, we will find forgiveness and joy everlasting. This is the truth. Don’t let yourself be deceived by the cowardly pastor at the gravesite who continually implies that the one who died will go to Heaven despite their life of rejection towards God. Don’t fall into the trap of putting death in the very back of your mind, pretending it will never come while you waste your life pursuing temporal happiness. Embrace the idea that all this earth will pass away before you know it, and work unceasingly for what you know will remain after your last hour on this planet.

Don’t let your life pass by without taking hold of what matters. Here’s a hint: Love isn’t what matters. Money isn’t what matters. Security isn’t what matters. God matters, and that’s it. That’s all. Not God and your hobbies. Not God and your career. Not God and your girlfriend. Just God. Just Christ, hanging on a cross, tortured and separated from His Father for your liberty from sin. He’s the only thing worth living for and He’s the only thing worth dying for. Don’t waste this breath of a life. Live every passing moment with a greater hope for what is to come, and a fierce passion for serving the Almighty God.

“For none of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself. For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.” – Romans 14:7-8


  1. Hi, you should recognize me. 🙂

    It’s been awhile since you posted this, but I only read it today. I hope you don’t mind if I add a comment of my own. I don’t know what kind of comments you like to receive here, so I’ll just say a few of my main thoughts.

    In your post, you wrote:

    “Even those of us who realize the future consequences of our actions are almost always focusing on our time here on earth. In reality, the only things that really matter are who we choose to serve in this life, and where we choose to spend eternity.”

    This is true. However, I would be careful not to downplay the importance of our actions here on earth during our individual lifetimes. After all, this IS the time period of our existence when it will be determined where we do spend eternity, and how much we accomplish in the long run. Well… sort of. But I don’t feel like getting into predestination right now. 😉

    As I study this, I think the main intent behind the post was to convince the reader to let a fierce passion for God and the work of the cross to take hold and influence every aspect of his or her way of life, so as to avoid wasting it. A worthy thesis to be sure, and nicely done. It actually made me think about some areas of my own life.

    You certainly have a bold and clear style of writing, and you aren’t about to shy from the truth, or be afraid to state things as they are. This is a great strength, but I would warn you to be careful. If you had added much more force behind your sentences I would have called it too much. As they are, I found some sentences to be a bit like “BAM! Wake up!” when you read them. I don’t know if this was intentional, but it was definitely effective in getting the point across and revealing the gravity of the situation being discussed.

    Thank you for writing this post. I hope that this comment didn’t come across as arrogant or know-it-all. I’m just trying to leave a thoughtful comment that will be beneficial to all concerned (or at the very least a good learning experience for me).

    Thanks again,

    Hannah Best


    • Thank you for such a well-written and thoughtful comment. Hard to find those these days. I do strive to give hard-hitting messages, it’s very true. Part of the reason I do this is because God used that type of teaching to help wake me up when I was lost, and I want God to use my messages to wake others up. The other reason I use that style a lot is because I can be a blunt, to-the-point person when it comes down to what matters. I want the truth to be clear and piercing, and while I do take it too far sometimes, I think it can be very useful. But again, only if it is used correctly. I forget far too often that God also used soft messages full of encouragement and hope to save me, and that sometimes the best way to get through to a person is to be gentle. In any case, I do need to remember to balance strength with tenderness. Thanks for the reminder. I really appreciate it. – Luke Mason


  2. I, too, would like to say a few things. First of all, you’re right about death not being the end. When I was younger, I always used to think that when I died it would all go black and my lifeless body would be stuck in the ground for the rest of time. But as I got older and I learned more about God and His ways, it became clear to me that this was not so. I’m not quite as scared to die anymore. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t wish to die this very minute! I only recently turned 15 and I still feel like there are a million more things for me to do before God takes me. I try to do my best every day and I hope someday that I’ll have the opportunity to witness to people what Christ is really all about. Luke, you have a powerful and unique way of speaking and I know that God gave you that gift. It’s pretty awesome to see people speaking out about God, especially in the world we live in.

    Keep it up:)

    Grace Johnson


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